It’s an everyday battle with Instagram’s algorithm making changes. Most business owners find that their engagement has been down lately for their feed posts. Instagram definitely favors stories over feed posts so most businesses are making an effort to take their Instagram story marketing to the next level. San Diego Marketing is here to provide you with 9 tips to improve engagement on your Instagram stories.

1. Hashtag Stories

If you’re not hashtagging your stories, you’re missing out on a lot of potential engagement. When you use hashtags on your story, this will help your story pop up when users are searching that hashtag. If you’re worried that your story will look bad with hashtags all over it, don’t. Create a small text block of hashtags and then place a sticker over it so it can’t be seen! This will also help you pop up on the explore page.

2. Add Your Location

Whether you are at a specific location or you want to just geotag your city in general, adding your location will help you pop up when users search that location. This will expand your engagement on stories a lot!

3. Tag Accounts

If you are at a place of business, mentioning people or certain brands and products in your story, make sure you give them a tag. It’s more than likely that they will repost your story which can drive even more engagement to your page!

4. Create Stories Your Audience Wants to See

If you don’t keep tabs on your Instagram statistics, you are wasting time. Go back through your analytics to see which Instagram stories produced the most engagement. Once you know what your audience likes you can keep producing amazing content for them that you know they will enjoy.

5. Cross Promote Your Stories In Your Feed

Not only should you be promoting you feed posts in your stories but you should be promoting your stories in your feed posts. For example, post a picture or video that is relevant to your story and then in the caption give your followers the nudge to visit your story to see more or learn more. This will drive more traffic to your Instagram stories.

6. Poll Stickers

Getting the most use possible out of Instagram’s stickers is a smart way to drive engagement on your Instagram stories. The poll sticker is helpful to learn the opinions of your followers in a fun way!

7. Quiz Stickers

Educate your followers about your brand or throw a giveaway for users who get the answer correct on your quiz. The quiz is also a great way to educate your followers about your industry!

8. Question Stickers

If you have the ultimate goal to start a conversation with your followers, start your conversation by asking your followers a question using the question stickers. Make sure to answer these questions in your following stories. This will encourage your followers to write in responses and engage even more.

9. Post Your Feed in Your Stories

Just like you should post about your stories in your feed, you should also be posting your feed in your stories that encourage people to visit your feed. Since Instagram’s algorithm tends to hide posts from certain pages, this is a smart way to ensure you keep engagement on your posts.

Expand Your Instagram Marketing

Aside from doing these great tips for improving engagement on your Instagram stories, there are a few other ways you can expand your Instagram marketing practices. Talk to us at San Diego Marketing to see how we can help.